Case Studies

Rapid Growth


A mid-sized, international (bio-pharmaceutical) company needed a training and meeting management app. While they were able to find several apps that would, combined, meet all of their needs to facilitate their launch meeting, they were unable to find just one all-inclusive app.


Enter Rapid Growth. The Free Radicals—the developers of Rapid Growth—quickly and efficiently tailored the Rapid Growth app to meet this client’s needs, delivering the app in just eight short weeks. Rapid Growth is an all-in-one, customizable iPad app that features meeting management, interactive training, assessments, validations and reporting, therefore eliminating the need to create multiple RFP’s.

Rapid Growth was a cost-effective solution for our client, saving them time and extensive app development costs.


The launch was very successful, and the Rapid Growth app was enthusiastically endorsed by sales reps, management and IT personnel alike. Since the deployment of Rapid Growth, this company has contracted with The Free Radicals to provide further app enhancements across multiple departments.

The Free Radicals prides itself on being able to provide deeper and broader solutions to our clients to provide sustainability over time.

Streamlining learning through technology


Ten years ago, a new hire in the pharmaceutical industry received a box of onboarding materials on his doorstep and would probably need a wheelbarrow to move it inside. “What is all of this? How does it apply to me? How will I use it?”  These are questions that ran through a new sales rep’s mind as he sifted through endless binders of training modules, sales aides, reprints, and leave-behinds.

Today, a new hire receives a ten-inch iPad with these same materials available with the tap of a finger. All training materials and sales collateral are digitized, within reach, and easily accessible.


The Free Radicals recently worked with a Fortune 500 client to learn their new marketing app and generate a learning system from the ground up, integrating technology to create a blended learning approach. Our tech-savvy training team introduced the new marketing app to the entire sales force and familiarized users with the iPad and all its functions.


Our team of professional facilitators trained the sales force at a series of 10 regional meetings to ensure everyone was trained seamlessly and was ready to use the app on Day 1 in the field. Nearly 400 users are now using the app successfully. The marketing team has called on The Free Radicals to work together with them to leverage this technology for future initiatives.

If your organization is introducing the iPad to its sales force, TFR can partner with you to streamline this process and to ensure your sales team is fully trained on all aspects of using the iPad in a selling situation.

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